Kurt Lewin Foundation

The Kurt Lewin Foundation is an independent civil public interest organisation. By our work we wish to make a contribution to the consolidation of a democratic society in Hungary and particularly to the increase of tolerance and the elimination of stereotype-based thinking. We help promote social dialogue, tolerance and the dissemination of knowledge and skills required for active civic participation – mainly by the development of critical thinking.

Our Vision

We envisage a Hungary where members of the civil society

  • - appreciate and expect transparency and lawful treatment
  • - stand for their own values and interests and are able to reconsider them when necessary
  • - intend to discover their environment at both close quarters as well as more widely, and to discover social facts
  • - are constructive, open to understanding different interests and have the capacity to accept various points of view
  • - make an effort to set and achieve common goals

This is a basis on which the members of society are able to build up a co-operative system in which everyone has a share as an active and responsible citizen. Communities built this way consist of people responsible for themselves and each other, and groups able to get on in life.

Our Mission

The Kurt Lewin Foundation contributes to the consolidation of a democratic society based on responsibility and co-operation.